As a part of the National Innovation Network, we are working together to address the need for innovation education, infrastructure, and research.

The Midwest I-CorpsTM Node Goals:

1 Re-imagine the university innovation process from research ideation to invention to spinout, in order to enhance regional and national competitiveness by better leveraging our leadership in science.

2 Develop the technical leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the skills, network, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to pursue their future path of purpose.

A critical tenet of this re-invention involves spearheading a transformation of traditional university research. We encourage faculty, students, and staff to interface directly with potential stakeholders and users of their technology. From one-on-one mentoring in ideation to full de-risking and funding support, we have a nationally-recognized staff of instructors, trainers, and mentors that make the transition from lab to market a smooth, efficient, and valuable process for participants.


We deliver an immersive education that teaches researchers how to successfully transfer knowledge into products and processes.

It’s not about how to write a research paper, business plan, or NSF proposal. We empower teams of scientists, engineers, and researchers to understand the potential value of their technology and inventions, by teaching them how to assess the market opportunity for new technology and commercial potential:

  • Is there a clear problem/need for the technology?
  • Who are the customers?
  • What are the customer pain points?
  • Is the solution better than the competition?
  • Is there commercial potential?

MWIN is part of the National Innovation Network, a national network of NSF-funded researchers from I-CorpsTM Teams, Sites, and Nodes. Working together, this network of thinkers addresses America’s need for innovation education.

To achieve the goal of creating a collaborative network across the Midwest region, MWIN leverages resources and expertise from each university and hosts world-class training programs for scientists and engineers.

Identify, develop and support promising ideas that can generate impact in society

Create and implement tools that enhance our nation’s innovation capacity

Gather, analyze, evaluate and utilize the data and insight resulting from the experiences of teams

Share effective innovation practices to improve the development of meaningful innovations