NSF I-CORPSTM Application Process

Application Process

  1. Complete a local or Regional I-Corps program run by an I-Corps Node or Site (aka Introduction to Customer Discovery course).
  2. Obtain a letter of support from your nominating academic institution using this template. The letter should be from the I-Corps Site program director or instructor most familiar with the team. It should indicate why your team would be a good fit for the NSF I-Corps program as well as your level of participation and performance in the regional I-Corps program.
  3. Prepare an Executive Summary using this template.
  4. Request an interview with the MWIN Application Support Team. All interviews are done via video conference. Choose a date and time for all members of your team to attend. Your letter of support and Executive Summary must be submitted through the interview form. The MWIN Application Support Team includes nationally trained I-Corps instructors as well as MWIN directors.
  5. Attend an interview with the MWIN Application Support Team. Teams are evaluated on a combination of factors, including the commercial readiness of technology, the potential market impact of innovation, and the team’s commitment and qualifications. The MWIN Application Support Team will provide guidance and feedback on your application.
  6. Address any issues cited by the MWIN Application Support Team before filling out the NSF I-Corps Teams Executive Summary Form.
  7. Attend a screening interview with an NSF Program Officer. Unlike other federal grants, the application and approval process usually completes in under 30 days.

Please contact midwesticorps@umich.edu if you have any questions or concerns.